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The idea of Jammu Smart City Project and the objective of the SPV, Jammu Smart City Limited, is to transform the city into a city "of the people, for the people and by the people"; a city, people take pride in calling their own; a city people own and take responsibility of; a city which is an epitome of good, sustainable and healthy living and a city where "happiness quotient" is high.jammu

Sl.No.Project NameThematic AreaEquity
1Vertical Gardens (KC Chowk to Dogra Chowk)Efficient Green initiativesSCM
2Reverse Vending MachineEfficient Green initiativesSCM
3Two Bin Segregation DustbinsEfficient Green initiativesSCM
4Procurement of e-rickshaw for collection and transportation of solid waste for JMCSmart Urban MobilitySCM
5Refuse CompactorEfficient Green initiativesSCM
6Construction of Water Fountains / CurtainsCity BeautificationSCM
7Smart Cleaning MachinesEfficient Green initiativesSCM
8Fire and Emergency Services - (Separate Cutters 5 Nos/ Lifting air rescue beds 5 Nos)Disaster ManagementSCM
9Fire and Emergency Service (Ambulances 3 Nos, Staff cars 5 Nos)Disaster ManagementSCM
10Fire and Emergency Services Fire proximity suit (200 Nos)"Disaster ManagementSCM
11Fire and Emergency Services - Emergency Rescue TenderDisaster ManagementSCM
12Signages and WayfindingSmart Urban MobilitySCM
13Improvement of Road from Dogra Chowk to KC ChowkSmart Urban MobilitySCM
14Smart Anganwadi CentresIT InterventionsSCM
15EV charging stations for e-rickshaw of JMCSmart Urban MobilitySCM
16Cycle Tracks at different locationsCity BeautificationSCM
17eGovernance & Smart OfficesIT InterventionsSCM
18Ad panels and Dashboards Display (VMDs)Smart Urban MobilitySCM
19Garbage Transfer StationsEfficient Green initiativesSCM
20Smart façade Lighting in Jammu CityCity BeautificationSCM
21Integrated Command & Control Centre (ICCC) with Data Center, Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) and eBill Pay for Civic Services (WebGIS) including Bandwidth and CloudsIT InterventionsSCM
22Fire and Emergency Services Water Tender 7500 Ltr capacity (11 Nos)"Disaster ManagementSCM
23Landscaping and beautification of retrieved land adjoining to Bahu FortCity BeautificationSCM
24Façade Lighting Illumination of Bahu FortCity BeautificationSCM
25Facade lighting Illumination of Mubarak Mandi Heritage complexCity BeautificationSCM
26Modernization of Vendor zone at Narwal mandiCity BeautificationSCM
27Plantation and Landscaping under Urban ForestryEfficient Green initiativesSCM
28Smart Control Room for Jammu WildlifeIT InterventionsSCM
29Smart Traffic Police BoothIT InterventionsSCM
30eAutos (EV Passenger 3-Wheelers)Smart Urban MobilitySCM
31Static Advertisement Panels & SignagesSmart Urban MobilitySCM
32Underground Bins, Surface Dustbins & Legacy Waste ManagementEfficient Green initiativesSCM
33Mechanized Drain Cleaning MachinesEfficient Green initiativesSCM
34Complete Street Development NW-1: Mubarak Mandi to Raghunath Bazar via Pucca Danga, Moti Bazar etc.Smart Urban MobilitySCM
35Complete Street Development NW- 3: Apsara Road “High Street” Gol Market area along with adjoining roadsSmart Urban MobilitySCM
36Fire and Emergency Services Water Bousers"Disaster ManagementSCM
37Fire and Emergency Services - Quick Response Vehicle 11 no / Hydraulic Cranes 20 Ton / Rotary Saw 5 NoDisaster ManagementSCM
3823 Junctions ImprovementSmart Urban MobilitySCM
39Parks & WalkwaysEfficient Green initiativesSCM
40Smart City Policing (Equipment for District Police lines)Disaster ManagementSCM
41Drug De-addiction CentreDisaster ManagementSCM
42Vertical Garden Phase - 2Efficient Green initiativesSCM
43Library cum Cafeteria at Mubarak MandiCity BeautificationSCM
44Light & Sound Show at Bahu FortCity BeautificationSCM
45Archives Repository at Kala KendraCity BeautificationSCM
46Oceanarium at Bag-e-BahuCity BeautificationSCM
47Beautification of Approach Road to Bahu FortCity BeautificationSCM
48Construction of Parking at Town Hall Jammu.Smart Urban MobilitySCM
49Complete Street Development- Canal Road - Talab TiloSmart Urban MobilitySCM
50Blue Green Project 1 - Ranbir Canal BSF Paloura to Shakti Nagar Bridge"Smart Urban MobilitySCM
51Old Age Clubs cum Libraries and Upgradation of Sarai at Maheshpura Chowk, Bakshi Nagar, JammuCity BeautificationSCM
52Smart Equipment for Solid Waste / Rain Water Harvesting / Garbage Vulnerable Point (GVP)Efficient Green initiativesSCM
53City Landscaping and BeautificationCity BeautificationSCM
54Complete Street Development NW- 4: Trikuta Nagar (Tawi Canal Road) from Gorkha Nagar to Railway Station, along with Blue-Green project of Tawi CanalSmart Urban MobilitySCM
55Smart Schools and Modernization of School InfrastructureIT InterventionsSCM
56Upgradation of School in Jammu CityCity BeautificationSCM
57Heritage Conservation & Development WorksCity BeautificationSCM
58Smart Emergency Response for JPDCL (Hydraulic Mobile Cranes and Truck Mounted Telescopic Boom lift)Disaster ManagementSCM
59Smart City Traffic Policing (Hydraulic Cranes and Tata Ace) & EPABXDisaster ManagementSCM
60City Drainage NetworkEfficient Green initiativesSCM
61Construction of Indoor Gym and Renovation of vocational center at Prem NagarCity BeautificationSCM
62Rejuvenation of Ponds and Creation of Amenities around Rivers, Waterbodies, Parks, Pathways and Public Utilities.Efficient Green initiativesSCM
63NCMC (Smart Card) compliant digital ticket solutions for eBusIT InterventionsConvergence
64Smart Urban eMobility & Infrastructure (Supply, Operation & Maintenance of 100 Nos fully built AC eBus and Allied Infrastructure on Gross Contract cost in Jammu.)Smart Urban MobilitySCM+Convergence
65Multilevel Parking at Bus StandSmart Urban MobilitySCM+Convergence
66Modernization of Ranbir LibraryIT InterventionsSCM+Convergence
67Smart Solar CityEfficient Green initiativesSCM+Convergence
68Tawi River Front and Real Estate Development - TRFDisaster ManagementSCM+Convergence+PPP
69Jammu Smart Public Bicycle Sharing System - PBSSmart Urban MobilitySCM+PPP
70Wifi connectivity at various locationsIT InterventionsPPP
71IT based Smart Parking Management System on PPP modeIT InterventionsPPP
72Material Recovery Facility at Bhagwati NagarEfficient Green initiativesPPP
73e-Service +IT InterventionsPPP
74GPS enabled Vehicle for waste collectionIT InterventionsPPP
75Material Recovery Facility at BandurakhEfficient Green initiativesPPP
76Smart Bus Stops with Passenger SystemIT InterventionsPPP
77Sewerage Network in Janipur, Ramzanpura & Paloura AreasEfficient Green initiativesPPP
78Sewerage Network in Toph, Patoli & Bhawani Nagar areas at JammuEfficient Green initiativesPPP
79Supply , Installation of Bulk Flow Metres on Tube Wells, Pumping Stations and WTP includes automation of Tube Wells SCADA system and maintenance in Jammu CityCity BeautificationPPP
80City Chowk ParkingSmart Urban MobilityPPP
81Sewerage Package JammuEfficient Green initiativesppp
82Rehabilitation of Water Supply Network in identified Areas within Zone 2,3,4 and 5 in Jammu CityCity Beautificationppp
83Solid Waste Processing Facility Kot-Bhalwal (NAFED)Efficient Green initiativesppp
84Fountains at RotariesCity Beautificationppp
85Peerkoh WalkwaysCity Beautificationppp
86Development of Green SpacesCity BeautificationConvergence
87LED Street Light Ph-1City BeautificationConvergence
88Drainage Scheme at different locations (Surface Drainage)Efficient Green initiativesConvergence
89Drainage Scheme at different locations (Storm Water drains)Efficient Green initiativesConvergence
90Girls Hostel at Paloura Degree CollegeCity BeautificationConvergence
91Development of Maharaja Hari Singh ji Memorial Park JammuCity BeautificationConvergence
92Jammu Ropeway ProjectCity BeautificationConvergence
93Construction of play field at Shastri nagar JammuCity BeautificationConvergence
94Renovation / Upgradation of development of sports facilities at MA StadiumCity BeautificationConvergence
95New 33/11KV ,2X10MVA Substation at canal -IIDisaster ManagementConvergence
96New 33/11KV ,2X10MVA Substation at GangyalDisaster ManagementConvergence
97100 Bedded Emergency Block at GMCDisaster ManagementConvergence
98Construction of Auditorium at Govt. Girls HS Gandhi Nagar, JammuCity BeautificationConvergence
99Establishment / Facelift of CIIIT at Govt. Polytechnic Boys Jammu.City BeautificationConvergence
100Survey and rejuvenation of Water BodiesEfficient Green initiativesConvergence
101Bioremediation of Bhagwati Nagar Dump SiteEfficient Green initiativesConvergence
102Panjtirthi ParkingSmart Urban MobilityConvergence
103Construction of Musical Fountain at Bagh e Bahu..City BeautificationConvergence
104Development of Tourist facilities at Bhagwati Nagar, JammuCity BeautificationConvergence
105Development of Drainage system at F&V Market Narwal JammuEfficient Green initiativesConvergence
106Capacity addition of Transformation capacity of 50 MVA by way of augmentation the transformation capacity at 132KV level from 170 MVA to 200 MVA and uprating of busbars at of 220/132/33 KV grid station Glandi for providing healthy and resilient power supply in Jammu Province.Disaster ManagementConvergence
107Upgradation of Transformation capacity at 220/132/33 KV by way of replacement of de-rated 400 MVA Auto Transformation Bank with a new 400 MVA bank at 220/132/33 KV Grid Station Glandi for providing healthy and resilient power supply in Jammu Province.Disaster ManagementConvergence
108Construction/Up-Gradation of entrance & exit gate of M.A. Stadium Jammu by way of Architectural Gate, Landscaping, beautification & PlantationCity BeautificationConvergence
109New 33/11KV ,2X10MVA Substation at Warehouse (PMDPU)Disaster ManagementConvergence
110Package 2 : Jammu - Akhnoor Road (08000 Km to 6.00 K.M)Smart Urban MobilityConvergence
111Jammu Zoological ParkEfficient Green initiativesConvergence
112Package 1 : Widening of road Jammu - Akhnoor Road (0- 0.800 KM)Smart Urban MobilityConvergence
113Upgradation of Mini Stadium ParadeCity BeautificationConvergence
114Construction of Yoga Park at MA Stadium Jammu / Upgradation of Kabaddi ground / Upgradation of M.A StadiumCity BeautificationConvergence
115Construction of synthetic football parade ground JammuCity BeautificationConvergence
116Construction of synthetic Hockey turf at K.K HakkuCity BeautificationConvergence
117Construction of Athletic track Jammu universityCity BeautificationConvergence
118Construction of Skating ring / Swimming Pool / Parking at M.A Stadium JammuCity BeautificationConvergence
119New 33/11KV ,2X10MVA Substation at Janipur -II (PMDPU)Disaster ManagementConvergence
12024X7 Smart Metering Project under PMDPIT InterventionsConvergence
121Heritage Work at Mubarak Mandi (Darbar Hall & Conservation & Mahal of Queens of Raja Ram Singh Palace)City BeautificationConvergence
122Super Speciality Hospital Cancer Hospital JammuDisaster ManagementConvergence
123Const. of Bone and Joint Hospital at Bakshi Nagar JammuDisaster ManagementConvergence
124Mechanical Equipment/Vehicles for Waste Transfer StationsSmart Urban MobilityConvergence


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