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Jammu Smart City to introduce 100 E-Buses soon

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Jammu Smart City is all set to adopt sustainable transportation as it has decided to introduce 100 e-buses supplied by TATA this month, marking a substantial stride in curbing carbon emissions and fostering a greener environment. Rahul Yadav, Commissioner of the Jammu Municipal Corporation and CEO of Jammu Smart City Limited (JSCL), confirmed the procurement of these eco-friendly vehicles, with 75 9-meter model e-buses designated for use within Jammu city and 25 12-meter models to ply outside the district. The entire fleet of e-buses is set to arrive shortly, and operational services will commence after successful trial runs in August. These electric buses are expected to enhance the public transportation system, offering reliability, comfort, and affordability to the commuters. Moreover, the e-buses will come equipped with state-of-the-art safety features, such as panic buttons, location tracking systems, CCTV cameras, and stop request mechanisms. To ensure a seamless travel experience, the authorities will introduce online metros, mobility cards, and digital payment systems, replacing traditional paper tickets. Furthermore, a dedicated bus-stand cum charging station and parking bay have been established at Bhagwati Nagar area to support the smooth operation of the e-buses. This initiative marks a progressive move by the region towards embracing sustainable and environmentally conscious transportation options. (Agencies)

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